plant and cultivate maple - so succeeds's

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plant and cultivate maple - so succeeds's

Only green, then colorful - the maple in the garden.

Maple Maple is not equal

Before planting a maple in your garden, you must decide among different varieties. Gather out the criteria by which you can simplify the choice is yours.

  • If the Maple serve as boundary hedge and / or easily grow on any soil, then offers the field maple.
  • Do you have limited space, so you decide on the tree-like growing shrub, the red "Japanese Maple".
  • In almost any soil grows the lemon yellow flowering maple.
  • A particularly beautiful in autumn, the Japanese maple fire.
  • Fresh green in summer and bright orange in the fall is the Japanese Maple.
  • Even the ball maple is very popular. He is not very high and is well suited for urban climate.

Plant a maple is not art

  • Once you have found the right maple and the appropriate place, get the tree only possible if you also have the same time to plant it.
  • Lift from a sufficiently large planting hole.
  • Mix some Rhododendron earth beneath, for the maple likes slightly acidic.
  • Mix the excavation also with some sand, as the Maple dislike standing in the wet and the sand makes the soil more permeable.
  • Put the small tree in the excavated pit and press the soil well around the root.
  • Pour in order to connect it with a lot of water to the roots equally well with the ground and get enough moisture.

A maple in the garden is easy

  • Make sure you always have enough moisture is present initially. If the tree once grown well, the rain irrigation, except in very hot, dry summers is sufficient.
  • Protect the young sapling, depending on where it is, in front of dog urine. This could damage the young master.
  • Fertilize only moderately, the maple is overfertilised quickly.
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