Plant dwarf maple - so succeeds's

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Plant dwarf maple - so succeeds's

Dwarf maple thrives in sun and partial shade.

This dwarf maple also thrives, the greenhouse of course does require the right location also a good care. Well-known varieties are: Aconitifolium and vitifolium, being established a wine-red leaf color in both varieties in the fall.

Dwarf maple - location and care

  • The dwarf maple is a more or less sensitive plant, so you can either choose a place with high solar radiation or the penumbra as suitable locations. When planting in the sun is to be noted, however, that the expulsion of the dwarf maple should advance also occurred in the sun. Keep therefore simply the blade tips in mind. Should these brownish color, so this suggests that the sunlight is too intense.
  • Also a too calcareous soil ensures that the dwarf maple can not grow properly.
  • If you have selected an appropriate location, then lift out of a large hole, which is wider than the ball of the dwarf maple itself. When digging out that the root collar of the plant is flush with the ground, so do not protrude beyond the earth, or but buried too deep. Then, enter the soil around the tree around securely so it can not tip over, because the soil is too loose. Have you planted the dwarf maple hand in a heavy clay soil, so here it is advisable if you aufschütten loose or pressed into bales sphagnum and water thoroughly.
  • Keep the soil in which you have planted the dwarf maple, always moist. Especially in the summer there is namely a high evaporation, so you should water regularly. Waterlogging is also harmful to the greenhouse.
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