planting arborvitae - Here's how

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planting arborvitae - Here's how

The Tree of Life in the winter.

A Tree of Life offers easy planting privacy

Not only as a single plant, but usually equal planted as a hedge, the tree of life is a popular plant for garden owners. For the plant a few things to consider.

  • The Tree of Life can be planted either in the fall before the frost or in spring after the frosts. If the planting time laid in the early autumn, the Thujapflanze can before winter sets yet spread their roots and grow well. Thus the plant survives the winter better. If planted in the spring, also the early spring must be selected, because the roots have otherwise too little time einzuwurzeln to hot season.
  • From the garden from as a sunny to partially shaded planting site. In the shadow of the tree of life would even grow, but will not close as beautiful as. In a sunny spot Select in any case always a bright spot as possible, so that the tree of life gets enough light to grow.
  • Dig a deep, about two to three times as wide planting hole at planting location, as the bale is wide.
  • Mulching the soil at this planting hole. So the plants are fertilized at the same time and the water is also better stored in the earth, so that the life of trees do not dry out as quickly.
  • Now dig out the plants at a distance a from each other. Usually, a distance of about 30 cm is recommended. It is best, however, when previously requested in the nursery of the best planting distance for a hedge of Thuja. This ensures that even really produces a dense hedge and no gaps between them are.
  • Pour the arborvitae always good. In the early years of this plant should never dry out, which is especially dangerous in spring when dry. A layer cattle mulch on the ground also protects against dehydration.
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