planting peach tree - you should note

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planting peach tree - you should note

A peach tree is special.

A peach tree you can plant itself

  • Peach trees are pulled over refining and / or cuttings. If you have plenty of patience, you can even try to appoint a peach tree by the peach pit, and then plant it. The seed is in the case of peach kernel and so it takes a long time until it germinates.
  • You can also try to carefully open the case to allow extract the seeds and germinate in a damp substrate. Ask. The bowl of the substrate and seeds on a bright, warm place
  • Secure, however, is to purchase a commercially available a vigorous plant variety which has proved krankheitsunanfällig because peach trees fall ill quickly to the known curl in which discolor the leaves and fall. And then it will not be long until microorganisms - such as the aphid - destroy the tree completely. Robust varieties are, for example, the 'Red Ellerstädter' or 'Revita'.
  • To select the location, keep in mind that a peach tree can grow very tall, sometimes up to seven meters. Find a sheltered, sunny spot where you plant your peach tree.
  • Prepare the soil for planting, since they provide a humus-rich, constantly damp soil, but must not be too heavy. Work and loosen the soil with good. It is best to mix serious ground to a humus-sand mixture.
  • Plant as soon as the soil can be worked your peach tree in spring. If you bought a plant with a bale, you must use the spade to dig a hole that is twice as large and deep as the bale. Water the bales before installing the plant. When plants on it, which is the finishing point (thickening) above the Earth.
  • Note that peach trees do not tolerate limestone soils. If you pour, you should therefore use only stagnant rainwater. This prevents too high Kalkzufuhr.
  • Make sure that the peach tree never dries in the root zone. Even before frost should the tree protection, because otherwise the next year can not develop sufficient fruit. Cover the peach tree, even if it is one of the perennials, Frost by foliage or networks from.
  • In winter, your peach tree requires little fertilizer and water. but this purpose in the growth phase the more. It is best to use compost as fertilizer. Especially just before the fruit is ripe, you should fertilize the tree abundant.
  • If you are unsure of the fertilization - which also depends on the quality of the soil - you take a soil sample and have them check at a Raiffeisen cooperatives.
  • Cut your peach tree back every year. He can bear good fruit, you should thin out the tree after flowering.
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