planting Runner beans - how it works

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planting Runner beans - how it works

Runner beans have pretty flowers.

To succeed in sowing

  • Runner beans you can sow directly in the garden from mid-May. Select as location a sunny to partially shaded and sheltered spot with a loose and well drained soil.
  • It is best to start the sowing with the setting up of a supporting matrix, where the long shoots of the plants are up entwine later. For this you can use simple rods or let the beans on a fence or a climbing aid on the house wall interweaves. The height of the climbing aid depends on the type of bean, you bought; usually ranging from two meters, but some varieties of runner beans can be up to four meters high.
  • If you want to speed up the germination something, you can soak the seeds in warm water for one to two days before sowing. Absolutely necessary but this is not.
  • Then place around each rod five seeds in planting holes with a depth of about three centimeters, cover the seed with soil and moisten the soil slightly. If you want to plant the beans in a row, leave a distance of about 30 centimeters between the seeding points. Within the next one to two weeks, the first plants are sprouting from the ground.

To maintain your runner beans continue

  • If your young plants have become a little bigger, so you ridging at around the stems a little soil. Thus the plants get a good stability, so that they also later when they have become very large, do not fall over.
  • Be sure to always enough watering. This is especially important in the summer months from June, when the plants to bloom and then begin to grow the beans.
  • The harvest season begins in August. Picking the best beans already when they are still young, because later they are often hard. Both the cores as well as the pods can be used in the kitchen. But remember that raw beans contain toxic substances; they have to be cooked before eating.
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