Plate maintain vehicle change - Notices

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Plate maintain vehicle change - Notices

You do not keep forever, not to lose your license plates your car.

Vehicle change does not necessarily lead to the loss of your desired number plate

  • Now that you have fought so order your license plates and can now virtually run your business card to each of the front and rear bumper or the fender walk, so you might be now tempted to never wanting to make a vehicle change again, not your optimal number plate to be forfeited.
  • It is the fear of getting your letter number combination stripped, really unfounded, because it is no longer so long that your car remains connected at the mercy of, over time, with each vehicle. You can keep it for your new car or motorcycle.

To keep your old license plate

  • Catch up on the best-registration of the old vehicle simultaneously with the registration of your new purchase. So you immediately have your number plates for the new car on the spot and they can, without having to previously still go to the sign makers, can directly provide your first and only visit to this matter with the respective valid plaques.
  • Post after the welcome that you would keep the old "identifier" like to make it continue to use on your new vehicle. Of course you expect fees for this - are due special requests of this kind - now almost become customary in vehicle Jump already.
  • If this is, for any reason whatsoever, shall not be the same time as possible, so you should reserve at least your abgemeldetes indicator simultaneously again. While this is in turn connected to charges, but so that the license plate is associated with your name and can not be resold for a certain period.
  • Only you can, as soon as the indicator belong to your newly registered motor vehicle, of course, no longer sit with this number plate your old vehicle is in motion, as it would have been possible otherwise at a sole deregistration of a vehicle.
  • So you need to come up with another already registered vehicle to accomplish these formalities or use public transport. Further to the cancellation of the old vehicle now on your new car passes the "distinguishing", it falls otherwise like from used last ride for disposal by this circumstance.
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