play flaps game properly

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play flaps game properly

The flap game is simple and complex.

The flap game is also known as flap board or Klappenbox. In this dice game is roughly about closing complete with figures flaps clever. All you need is a pair of dice and the Klappenbox.

Understanding the flaps Game

The flap game is always played in several rounds during which each each player is the train again.

  • When it's your turn, you open the first thing all doors. Then you roll the dice at the same time.
  • Then comes the most important step, because now decide how you want to close the damper according to the cube itself. You can use all the partitions of eye sum. Therefore you have to calculate what the possible numbers can be added so that they add up to exactly the dice sum. then close all appropriate flap combination.
  • If you have made it so, to have only six or less than the outstanding sum of the numbers on the still open door, you may roll again with a cube. If you can close no matching flaps more, your train is over. Now you get penalty points for all open tabs, whose numbers are added up as negative points.
  • The game objective is therefore to close by a skillful spinner possible all doors at the end and get no penalties. But this is quite difficult, so you should first try as few open doors and as little penalty points.
  • These minuses of different rounds are added up and the game ends when only one player is less than 45 penalty points. This player has then won.

Variations for the calculation exercise

  • There are in addition to the standard boxes with nine flaps also flaps games with ten or even twelve valves. If you do not want to buy the flap game, you could also tinker, simply write all the numbers from one to nine or even ten or twelve on a paper and erase or strike through.
  • You can also apply the stricter rule that only the two numbers thrown or their sum may be folded down when closing the doors. It is also possible that the roll will take place only added, may also be subtracted.
  • A Pasch and especially winning Pasch can get specific rules and, for example, as a joker apply or end the round immediately.
  • Furthermore, you can not add, for a change, the penalty points once, but read as an integer from left to right, so that they come in the hundreds or thousands.
  • You can also change the game end any and let end the game with more or less penalty points respectively slower or faster. There is also the special rule that you win instantly if you manage to actually close all doors.
  • You can play the game as a team and work together to come under a certain penalty value. With many players can each only once dice and turn around a flap to a no longer in the circle.
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