Play games on MacBook Pro - Here's how

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Play games on MacBook Pro - Here's how

run games on the MacBook Pro.

use Games for Mac

If you own a MacBook Pro, you can install without problems games that have been specially designed for Mac.

  • Unlike previous years, more and more game developers develop games that work without additional software on the Mac.
  • So you can, for example, the latest versions of the popular computer game series "Sims" and "FIFA" from Electronic Arts also install on a MacBook Pro and play.
  • In addition, you also have the ability to search the Mac App Store for games and to install them on your MacBook Pro.
  • You may choose between many different genres, such as "Action", "Sport" or "strategy".

install Windows games on the MacBook Pro

If you want to install and run on a MacBook Pro games that are only available for Windows, you can not do without additional software this.

  • For one, you could install for a virtual machine on your MacBook Pro, with leaving a Windows operating system running inside your Mac system.
  • For this you could use "Desktop Parallels" as the "VMware" programs "VirtualPC" or.
  • For this approach, however, you need a valid Windows version that you can install on your MacBook Pro, and also you have to bear in mind that you have two operating systems simultaneously, so that the speed of your MacBooks can be significantly deteriorated.
  • On the other hand, you can install a version of Windows on a second partition and thus use Windows directly from your MacBook Pro with the "Boot Camp".
  • You can use either Windows XP and the newer versions of Windows "Vista" and "7" use.
  • The advantage of this approach is that you run only one operating system, and thus have less speed penalty than a virtual machine.
  • However, you will need it again a valid version of Windows and you would have to start up your MacBook Pro every time when you want to run a game on Windows.
  • Finally, you can also use the software "CrossOver", when you do not need any version of Windows to perform certain Windows programs or games.
  • The software emulates the Windows operating system, thus provides all the key components to so that the executing program thinks you would start it on a Windows computer.
  • With this procedure, however, you must note that not all programs and games can be executed by the program without any problems and the software also is not free. However, you have the option of CrossOver for 30 days to use for free in order to make a first impression and already test first Windows games.
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