Play online Sims - how it works together with friends

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Play online Sims - how it works together with friends

Friends are an important part of the Sims Online Games.

With "The Sims Social" Sims games is sociable

  • In addition to the classic game series for PC and game consoles around the popular Sims and game app with which you can also play mobile, you are now finding an online game called The Sims Social, you can play online, on your Facebook account.
  • The online game, which reduces considerably graphically, comes in modern comic look has now been found for more than 16 million fans and players on Facebook worldwide.
  • As in the classic game series The Sims 3 launch online also your game by first creating your individual Sim. Then dive with your "alter ego" in soccer, explore the virtual world of "Little Haven" and settle here. You can also build online in The Sims Social, a dream house for your Sim, set it up and decorate, other Sims invite - for example, your real or Facebook friends - build relationships with each other, experiencing exciting Dates, having fun together - or entirely on your virtual career focus.
  • The Sims Social offers loads of possibilities - the individual alignment of your game You decide but all alone. By linking with Facebook you are linked directly online while playing with all your friends around the world and share the fun.

To meet old and new friends online

Have you created your individual Sims, a little taken with the virtual world familiar, found a hotel and pleasant designed, it is time to make your Sim contacts and make friends.

  • To interact with another Sim in the game, talk to him easily. For this example, click on a Sim that you will encounter in the city. This opens an interaction menu from which you can select. The more and more often the Sims interact, the more options will be unlocked.
  • You can visit your home other Sims also easy. To do this, however, first as "neighbors Add" This information can click on the bottom edge of the field on the "Add Friend". Once you have sufficiently communicated and interacted with each other, can be "friends" from neighbors.
  • If you want to make your real friends while playing, add just another as neighbors added. In addition, should the same time online to be logged in the game. Then you can visit each other, communicate, interact and play together online. Private messages can be exchanged through the letterbox of each other.
  • In addition to the direct communication between the ledge and the home and the amenities of the other Sims provides additional opportunities for interaction. Simply click at the different furnishings and decorative objects to. And do not worry, you can look here look very calm and feel right at home. An urgent need, for example, be satisfied even in the smallest room of a strange apartment.
  • Social contacts, as neighbors and friends enrich the online game not only, they bring in to play ahead and open up new possibilities. The Level (round) can be added 30 friends.
  • The current status of each of your relationships, you recognize in the relationship bar at the individual colors and symbols, such as "Beloved", "good friend" or "enemy".

Enjoy the Sims and your friends online!

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