Plum tree cut - Instructions

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Plum tree cut - Instructions

Without cutting the plum tree bears little fruit.

Instructions for the planting interface

When pruning trees, there are four different sections: the planting, education, conservation and rejuvenation pruning.

The planting section is not necessary with container goods, since the roots are not damaged when you plant the tree. At a bare root plum tree this section restores the balance between the crown, forming leaves, and roots.

Remember, the tree has lost much of its roots during digging. When the crown of the smaller root mass is not adjusted, it can not develop well located. If you buy the tree in a nursery, this section performs the time of purchase.

Want to cut them yourself, take away one-third of the extension growth. Cut half a centimeter over one eye. This is the main trunk, which is responsible for the amount of the crown.

Shorten all other engines by two-thirds, also just over one eye. Also, remove all weak shoots. This section run immediately before or after planting. The planting time for bare root plum trees is autumn.

Education cuts at Plum Tree

Consider yourself the tree in May after planting. Select four runners as Leitäste of which are spread evenly around the trunk. Caps all other branches directly from the trunk.

Look in the following period on steeply growing up shoots. Plum trees tend to form such competitive instincts. Cut off as soon as you discover that.

Next spring let each Leitast than eight are growing strong instincts outward. Make sure that these do not cross or grow in parallel. Shorten the selected shoots on half the growth of last year. The cut must be made through an outward eye.

Cut back shoots that grow inward, to a length of ten centimeters. The pruning in spring is repeated annually until the tree has the correct height and width.

Conservation section of the fruit tree

If your tree has reached the desired size, it comes to get the size. Your tree now forms a beautiful crown and bears fruit. This section takes place after the harvest. The conservation section is usually also perform a number of years for pruning.

The branches where plums grow, are the fruit timber. These bring more than four years a good yield. Let therefore from the second year after the first fruit set each represent a competitive instinct.

Cut the fruit timber next year shortly after the new shoots, which have numerous buds from. So replacing the old wood by Fresh. Also remove further inward growing branches. The Leitäste remain but are basically, you just cut the thereon Runners.

Rejuvenation pruning of fruit trees

If you cut the plum tree in accordance with the instructions regularly, a rejuvenation pruning is not necessary. The fruit tree pruning prevents the senile. Your tree is constantly carrying fruit wood, which is never more than three years. A radical pruning is necessary only if the tree was not cut for years.

Select for pruning early spring, when no frosts are expected in the next few days. Remove any steep upward growing shoots. Ensure this to sever at a narrow point as possible. Rule of thumb: The cut surface should be less than half the diameter of the bough from which you cut off the engine.

Cut in the next step the wood to a younger side growth back. In addition, all branches are to eliminate that grow inward.

The right tools

Need for branches that have a diameter of up to 1.5 centimeters, a sharp pruning shears, as secateurs known. If you need to cut through thick branches, pruning shears is required. This has powerful cutting and longer handles as a pruner.

When branches from a thickness of 3 centimeters do not come up with those scissors usually through the woods. Take a sharp saw, when you realize that the gap is not capable of the wood to cut through cleanly.

Wound closure means is a controversial matter. They prevent fungi penetrate the wood. On the other hand you keep the wound moist and slow down the natural About Wallen with bark. If already have spores in the wound, they find the best among the means to enable them to multiply.

You need a wound closure means, for example if you need to remove a fractured limb in damp weather. In a normal pruning is better to wait for dry weather and use no closing means.

Overview of the section of the plum tree





planting section

With bare-root plants, the crown is adapted to the roots.

Before or directly after planting


education section

Building a uniform crown

May and during the summer


preservation section

Regular rejuvenation of fruit wood

After harvest

Pruner, lopper

rejuvenation pruning

Only necessary if conservation section was not carried out over several years.

Spring when no frost threatens

Lopper, saw

With these simple instructions it is certainly no problem for you to cut the plum tree properly. Through regular interface drive ever a rich harvest.

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