Plush snake - Bastelanleitung

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Plush snake - Bastelanleitung

A plush snake, you can easily tinker.

A plush snake is suitable for different purposes

  • If you want to tinker a snake made of plush, so you can use it, for example, after the completion of it to prevent drafts from under the door. Directly in front of spread (lengthwise) has drafts have no chance.
  • You may also place the ready-made animal on windowsills so there is by no drafts.
  • If you are looking for a toy for your dog, then the plush snake is also suitable for this.
  • Of course, also any small child on such a sunny gift would.

A cuddly snake you do so itself

  1. First, get yourself plush fabric (your desired length) in a fabric store. They have a really great choice. For example you can take a substance, which is equivalent to the reptile skin (for example, brown and green). But there are bright colors and contrasts (eg, black and pink).
  2. Do you can trim the length and width, then you can begin to customize the reptile. Shut down the fabric to the left lengthwise twice together. When cutting you should make sure that the headpiece must be wider than the rest of the snake. Cut therefore the header oval handle. In another form of the animal to let your imagination run wild and naturally can cut your fabric as wavy. Then fix the cut pieces with pins, so that the shape is maintained.
  3. Now cut out the tongue of the animal from a piece of cloth. You think this because the tongue is slotted front. These then attach with a few stitches on the oval piece, so it looks out. Since you have the material lying on the left, you should attach the tongue on the top, so that you later can not see the seam when the cloth is pulled back to the right.
  4. Now you can begin the reptile (drawn on the left) to sew up. Start it on the head piece and close the animal until almost the end (the tail tip). Then drag the cloth back on the right.
  5. Now enter the filler material in the fabric-reptile. Best Styrofoam beads are suitable, as they fall through directly to the headpiece back when you lift the reptile.
  6. Then close even the tail and sew a few button eyes on the head on.
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