Pool in geography clearly explained

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Pool in geography clearly explained

Even on the seabed there are pools.

The disambiguation of the basin in geography

  • In geography a basin is called a Einmuldung the earth's crust. It is usually self-contained and has no outlet. these lowlands can be thought of as embedded type bowl or pan in the earth.
  • Pool can be above or below the earth's surface.
  • The dimensions of pools vary widely. The largest basins lie on the seabed and can have a diameter of 2000 to 4000 kilometers. The largest land basin measuring a diameter of 100 to 1,000 kilometers.
  • Pools are also referred sink, basin and lowlands.

The pool on land and in the sea

  • Pools that occur on land, are mostly endorheic depressions. But aboveground pool can be below zero. The best known and lowest points of these sinks are often salt lakes.
  • In arid areas to make the country's pool as deserts. In the temperate zones pools are called Lössbecken. As loess a transported and deposited by wind fine material such. B. is clay dust refers.
  • Examples of Lössbecken the Hungarian Puszta and the Paris Basin. Also, the Aral Sea is one of the largest pools on land.
  • Pool below the surface are called in geography as a basin or the ocean basins.
  • The design of sea or ocean basins varies and depends on the sediments. Sediments are deposits, z. B. rock from inflowing rivers. These have hardened over many years.
  • About the sediments superimposed an approximately 300 meter thick layer of mud.
  • The ground of pool in the sea forms the oceanic crust, which is estimated at about 5,000 meters thick.
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