Porcelain brands - so you recognize unique

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Porcelain brands - so you recognize unique

Sammeltassen are sometimes valuable unique.

Trademarks, or first brand Notes in the form of special characters, there are Roman ceramic products and early Chinese porcelain. In Europe, the identification of ceramics (Bemarkung) began with the introduction of the porcelain around the year 1720th

Branding has a long history

By 1810 porcelain brands were in blue with a brush by hand and then glazed. Then also rubber stamps came, often in green, for use. Due to their low viscosity, they allowed themselves to stamp a little easier.

  • With the beginning of the 20th century published in addition to the actual factory brand nor special decoration names. Since the entry into force of the British trademark law (1887) the country of origin was called on all imported goods.
  • On German porcelain one stamped the words "Germany" or "Made in Germany". Have a porcelain of a production by 1887, then transmits the one additional cancel.

Some brands are known worldwide

  • Two "Crossed Swords" are world-renowned as a trademark for the Meissen porcelain factory. Later in Europe emerged Factories for use china and even also decorative porcelain. This filigree figures or noble white / brightly painted trinkets art lovers everywhere found in the world. To protect themselves from imitators, porcelain brands were applied freehand or characterized by the stamps.
  • Already the identification of porcelain products from the early China allows it to make an accurate tracking and epoch assignment. The porcelain marks show up as characters of the respective rulers. The cherished by collectors antique objects from the Ming Dynasty (1368 bis1644) can therefore be clearly identified.

Porcelain marks enable tracking and mapping Era

Porcelain brands alternated in the manufactory history often, usually only in small things. But that is enough to make a fairly accurate tracking and epoch assignment can.

  • Your unique from the Fürstenberg porcelain manufactory bear sometimes a colored number on the ground. This is the Mark of the decoration (painting / decor number). The number helps firstly at Nachkäufen and secondly, it is a safety feature.
  • On the website of Sammler.com You can do all kinds of porcelain brands using porcelain database identified.
  • Search may, stating the brand text. You must all stated on the imaged porcelain brand letters, from top left to bottom right, enter.

Porcelain brands You can also search by either the label (or the first few letters), the location, the company name or the symbol used in the brand image.

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