Porcelain mark - so you can find dealers and model

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Porcelain mark - so you can find dealers and model

Porcelain marks are individual, protected brands. DEKOTINA / Pixelio

Coloring and details on the porcelain brands

  • The producer or manufacturer of porcelain goods can be recognized from the factory brand.
  • The individual products but also product lines are provided with a trademark, stating who owns the porcelain mark. This can be a single entity, but also a composite group.
  • The designer of the product range can be seen from the signature that is normally found on the bottom of the product.
  • Hand-painted porcelain and ceramics have a porcelain mark indicating the full name or the initials of the artist.
  • The introduction of Bemarkung porcelain took place in Europe only towards the 1720th At that time, porcelain signs were painted sand by hand in blue or golden color. Later, the manufacturers contributed their marks on using rubber stamps and green color. Around 1890, the information on these stamps had to be extended because it was mandatory to indicate the country of origin.

Dealers and porcelain mark

  • The best-known brands are Meissen porcelain, among other things, that can be recognized by the sword brand (two crossed swords). Grinding marks on the porcelain signs provide information about the quality of the goods.
  • The hallmark of the Porcelain Manufactory Ludwigsburg includes the crown of the house Württemberg, including the mirrored double-C Duke Carl Eugen and the signature brand "Ludwigsburg".
  • The Royal Porcelain Factory, Berlin, ironware and hardware wholesale, used a cobalt blue scepter for tagging their products.
  • The Mainzer Rad is the porcelain trademark of Höchst Porcelain Manufactory and can be found on tableware and decorative items.
  • For more merchants on the Internet in china trademark database.
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