Post a CV - you write a handwritten CV

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Post a CV - you write a handwritten CV

write handwritten resume with filler

Not more often a handwritten CV is expected of applying. If so, then either the handwriting is very important for the intended work, your writing will be assessed grafologisch and the language will be tested. Some rules to remember when writing a handwritten CV.

Handwritten - rules for the external shape

  • A handwritten CV is written in the form of an essay. This means you formulate it as a coherent text. Normally, a CV for an application is written in tabular form. For the handwritten resume the normal case is a tower which is limited to one page.
  • Use good writing paper and not simply white photocopy paper. Put under the paper lined sheet to help you stay in the lines straight.
  • is written with a blue pen. Please do not write with pen or fineliner.
  • Write your resume in a normal font size, so, how would you do it in a letter. You can not just write very small to get more on your sheet of paper.
  • Take enough time for your handwritten CV. Not only the formulations have to be right. Spelling, grammar and an uninhibited typeface are important. not Erschummeln up artificially a beautiful handwriting. This does not succeed in the end. Be as you always write, which you should of course make sure that your typeface should be legible. The beauty plays a subordinate role.
  • Of course you can not prescribe to the paper. When that happens, you must unfortunately start all over again.

CV in essay form - which is part inside

  • In a handwritten CV includes similar information as in a tabular. However, you will need to summarize some passages and this may well.
  • Start with your name, address, birthday and birth and address your education and training. Depending on the age of this part is shown in greater detail or very streamlined. Then follows your professional career. If you are married and have children, you can mention this as well.
  • Passages in your professional life that fit little for job, please summarize briefly, and other phases which seem important to you, you describe in more detail. Here but no gaps are allowed as well as the CV arise. If your future employer calls a handwritten resume, it is important to see him, as you put it and what you set priorities in your life. Put special emphasis on your formulations.
  • In a handwritten CV you can write something about your hobbies or special skills, such as language skills, special training or internships. Be sure always to see if what you say, fits the job. Even volunteer work can be important again considered from the point of what you are applying.
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