Post accident report correctly

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Post accident report correctly

For easy claim settlement accident reports must be written correctly.

An accident report must be true and clearly understood

Send Many insurance the insured to request a questionnaire of what happened to. This is truthfully fill out, and the circumstances of the accident is to describe as accurately as possible. With his signature to confirm the correctness of the information and sends the questionnaire as soon as possible back to the insurance company. Posted oneself an accident report, should proceed structured.

  1. Place, date and time of the accident will be given first. Witnesses must be called by name and address or telephone number.
  2. Was there in the accident injured, and they are by name and address or telephone number listed in the accident report. Following are short keywords, what happened. For example, rear-end collision, sports accident, fall in icy conditions etc.
  3. It is very important to reproduce the details of the accident in as precise temporal order is. Also causes and the reasons that led to the accident, should be presented as clearly as possible. Personal ratings or blame should refrain.
  4. For damage control by insurance Photos of the accident may be important. No photos available, is often a well-built drawing helpful. This should be created on a separate sheet as carefully as possible.
  5. It goes without saying that in the following description of the damage really only the damage caused by the accident are given. Falsehoods or exaggerations may be construed as attempted insurance fraud might otherwise.
  6. At the end should be the insurance report a phone number where you stand for more questions. Dated and signed send you the insurance of the accident report.
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