Postbank: attachment point - so the account garnishment runs

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Postbank: attachment point - so the account garnishment runs

Account garnishment only by court order.

The attachment point of the Postbank does garnishment orders that are submitted to it by a creditor or on behalf of a creditor by the bailiff. In order for the creditor, on a run at Postbank account (current account, savings account) is trying to access a debtor, and to seize any existing balances.

Postbank is garnishee

  • Postbank is garnishee and legally obliged to terminate your account and pay a deposit to the creditor.
  • If you are believer, you must first petition the local court as enforcement court on presentation of your title a attachment and transfer order and these create a bailiff seizure office Postbank leave (§ 829 ZPO). To apply, you must use predefined forms.
  • The attachment and transfer order prohibiting Postbank on the account befindliches credit to the debtor (subject to the allowances of a seizure protection account, welfare) pay.
  • If the account balance subject to attachment, it must pay to the Postbank after 4 weeks.

Seizure protection account protects the debtor

  • Performs the debtor's account as garnishment protection account, he maintains his personal allowance of not less € 1089.29, which can be further increased for each dependent person. Credit up to the amount of the allowances are not subject to attachment. Only beyond this credit amounts to be paid to the creditor.
  • The debtor may convert a normal checking account within 4 weeks after receipt of your attachment and transfer decision in a garnishment protection account. The former possibility of applying for seizure protection at the local court, no longer exists.
  • Performs the debtor is not the account as garnishment protection account, he can still above benefits (child allowances, unemployment benefits) have within 14 days.

Address the seizure point

  • The address of the attachment site of Postbank is: Postbank (attachment point) Hiltropwall 4-12, 44137 Dortmund.
  • It is on the fax number: 0231 - reached 180 2415th Upon written request, a clerk of the attachment point to call back.
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