Potato soloist - Informative

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Potato soloist - Informative

Potatoes are a healthy staple foods.

Potatoes - a healthy staple food

Potatoes are the main staple food, although consumption has declined markedly since the 1960s. The German citizen eats about 57 kg of potatoes a year and is thus Europe in the rear third - though the potato has to offer still many positive aspects and the choice of different potato varieties is large.

  • The round tuber contains a lot of starch, easily digestible protein, and digestive fiber. She has virtually no fat and contains per 100 g only 79 kcal.
  • Noteworthy is the very low sodium content of only 3 mg / 100 g.
  • In addition, it is one of the basic foodstuffs. By consuming potatoes you supply your body with healthy basic materials that simultaneously an excellent balance to the acid forming foods - such as meat, sausage, fish, cereals and cheese - represent.

Plate of potato soloist

Why not try the potato variety soloist who is one of the primarily fixed boiling potatoes and is particularly suitable for the preparation of Pell and boiled potatoes, but also of potatoes.

  • The medium sized variety soloist is a palatable, particularly early variety that is on the market since 1999th So the crop is already available from mid-June.
  • Their shape is round to oval - with a net-like appearance and shallow "eyes". In addition, the soloist has a yellow skin color and bright yellow flesh color.
  • Do you want to grow this type of potato itself, it should be pre-germinated. The pre-germination promotes plant growth in full and leads to more rapid development of tubers. This firmer shells are formed and the potatoes can be harvested simultaneously.
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