Powder or gel - Decision Support for the purchase detergent

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Powder or gel - Decision Support for the purchase detergent

Which detergent you should use, is not just a matter of taste.

Whether you take a gel or powder, is not just a matter of taste

  • Stiftung Warentest says it clearly: washing powder is better than washing gel. But that is always and for each wash? Packages with yes or no is not to answer this question.
  • For white clothes are: White full powder detergent is superior to any liquid detergent. The reason is simple: liquid detergents comprise, in contrast to Vollwaschmittel no substances to bleach. This leads, among other things, that the whites turn gray with time when you wash with washing gel or liquid detergent.
  • This is also the biggest benefit from the cleansing gel and other liquid detergents. No bleach also means that the colors be spared, than comparable powder detergents. There are also gel no white residue, as they occur in dark clothing in conjunction with washing powder repeatedly.
  • When it comes to the washing performance, and thus to facilitate removal of the patches, however, the washing powder is are preferable. If you have only slightly soiled colored items, you can easily use gel. Especially with very dirty, but should engage in any case to the powder.

Things you should note about laundry

  • Separate white and colored laundry. For one, you can, as in the first section describes using the correct detergent, on the other hand you need not worry if some of the colored textiles could rub off maybe. Also, do not forget the Order to empty his pockets. This can save a lot of trouble after the washing process.
  • If permitted by the substance, you should regularly wash underwear and towels, as well as bedding, at least 60 ° C. The only way to really effectively prevent the formation of germ herds.
  • The machine needs care and not all come out of the washcloth: The detergent dispenser drawer should be just like the lint cleaned regularly. If you use every 3 months a hot water cycle, your washing machine from any unwelcome germs and dirt should be removed.
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