Power Balance - determine the Bracelet sizes individually

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Power Balance - determine the Bracelet sizes individually

Determine silicone bands to have positive effects.

Power Balance - the bracelet and its effects claimed

The bracelet, which offers power balance as a distributor, is interesting for various reasons.

  • Composed of silicone strap basically represents only once a piece of jewelry that you can wear on your wrist. A variety of different colors and gradients etc. makes the robust band look very decorative, so you can combine this in conjunction with the sports, professional and everyday outfit.
  • In the center is at the front of a hologram under a protected surface, now you can purchase the bracelets with two holograms with "PB" for Power Balance at the front and back. Moreover, sweat bands, pendants, hologram sticker with the hologram are also available, in addition to the bracelets Power Balance series for more many manufacturers who sell the silicone bracelets.
  • The tape is intended to impart positive energy balance energy deficits and your physical energy system harmonize, so you can also achieve better athletic performance, but also in everyday life have more energy. In particular, the relevant scientifically recognized placebo effect mainly plays a major role here, so you should try the tape unless you are addressed by this, in any case. The price is around 30 to 40, - Euro, the competitors are often niedrigpreisiger.

The sizes available - so you can find your personal model

The Power Balance bracelet should be worn in the pleasant for you fit, this can be purchased in different sizes.

  • From different sizes available, you can search for your model, this should color your moods, the better the effects, because even on the chromotherapy certain effects are scientifically explainable and understandable.
  • The sizes are available in XS, S, M, L and XL. The smallest band has a circumference of 16 cm, the small has your wrist 17.5 cm square. At medium wrist size of 19 cm, the Medium-band ranges, large wrists can be operated with 20 cm, while very broad wrists with 22 cm can be supplied with the large version. Allows you to select for each wrist width matching bracelets.
  • You can measure with a tape measure your wrist, so you do not run the risk that your band is too tight, it can affect you in everyday life and in the sports very much and negatively affect the blood circulation.

You can also combine different products from Power Balance next to the bracelet, these are available in different sizes pass. The Internet and the sports retailers offer different sources to buy the tape.

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