Power consumption of halogen lamps

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Power consumption of halogen lamps

Halogen lamps consume a lot of energy.

Power consumption of light emitting devices

Perhaps you have replaced years ago your light bulbs with halogen lamps to save electricity. This decision was then right, because halogen bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs. In recent years, however, has done a lot and today there are more economical alternatives. Compare in principle the light output and consumption.

  • The light output of incandescent bulbs is almost linearly from the current consumption dependent. In other words, a 50-watt bulb is twice as bright as a 25 watt bulb. Other bulbs deliver different output ranges a different luminance per watt. It therefore makes sense to use the 60-watt bulb for reference. A clear light bulb that lights up strength with 710 lumens.
  • To achieve this brightness with a high-voltage halogen lamp, you need about 50 watts. Although the lamp consumes less power than a light bulb, but the difference is not very large. Uplight and spotlights for outdoor use usually contain such lamps.
  • A low-voltage halogen lamp requires significantly more energy, often even more than an incandescent lamp for this luminous efficiency. You will also need a transformer, which consumes the most power. Precise details are not possible because there are many different systems.
  • To create the brightness of 710 lumens with an energy-saving lamp, you need only about 15 watts, an LED lamp can consume significantly less. If you opt for LED lamps, you must choose very carefully, since the light output per watt is very different in these lamps. But bad LED lamps consume less power than energy-saving lamps.

Consumption of halogen lamps

Usually you get in the technical specifications an indication of the luminous flux and the performance. These figures relate only to the consumption of the lamp. Consider these examples.

  • In an uplight stands for example, that he has a power output 120 W and provides a luminous flux of 2216 lm. So he's about three times as bright as a 60 watt bulb. Every hour that you operate the bulb consumes 120 watts. If you use the lamp 5 hours a day, it so consumed in 5 x 120 x 365: 1000 = 219 kWh.
  • A typical low-voltage halogen lamp in spotlights consumes 20 W and requires 24 V voltage. These lamps provide 188 lm. If you want to thus produce the same brightness, so need 2216 lm 188 lm = 11.78, ie 12 bulbs. If you run these 5 hours, which means the annual consumption of 5 x 12 x 20 x 365: 1000 = 438 kWh. For consumption it does not matter, that it is 24 V - These bulbs.
  • The low-voltage halogen technology requires a transformer. This increases consumption of the order of 10%. Many transformers also consume power when the lamp consumes no power. A lighting with 12 Halogenbirnchen may well lead to a power consumption of about 500 kWh per year.
  • By comparison, a LED-uplight emits a luminous flux of 1700 lumens and consumes 20 W. The annual consumption is the same use only 5 x 20 x 365: 1000 = 36.5 kWh.

From these examples, you can clearly see the extent to which halogen lamps are involved in the power consumption. You can reduce the use of energy saving lamps and LED consumption drastically.

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