Pregnancy test from the chemist - that you should be aware

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Pregnancy test from the chemist - that you should be aware

Pregnancy tests from drug stores are easy to handle.

The right time for the pregnancy test

"Am I pregnant?" When this question is asked, patience is often a difficult exercise. But at what point does the pregnancy test meaning?

  • Pregnancy tests from the drugstore are typically meaningful from the missed period. Carefully read the instructions on the package, to be sure.
  • Under certain circumstances, so-called "early testing" already some days before the cessation of menstruation bring positive results when an egg has been fertilized.
  • Nevertheless, it is not recommended to make as early a pregnancy test. Namely, lead to erroneous results.
  • Many very young pregnancies do not persist for various reasons. Therefore, an early test is not often mean very little. The onset of menses few days after the positive test may be a not to be underestimated psychological burden for the couple at a large fertility.

Therefore, wait rather from a few days at the lack of rule addition to also obtain a meaningful result in pregnancy test from the chemist.

For more information about pregnancy test from the chemist

  • Even if you are very excited: Read in peace exactly the instructions for test. Also think about in advance if you want to perform the test alone or with your partner or a good friend.
  • The morning urine has a high concentration of hormones and therefore is best suited for performing the pregnancy test at home.
  • If you only want to get throughout the day at the drug testing, you can give the morning urine in a container and store in the refrigerator up to 12 hours.
  • If you have received an unclear result, you can repeat the test a few days later. If the test is positive or remains your rule with a negative test continued from, look to your gynecologist. You can confirm by ultrasound, the result may already have.
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