prepare dessert for many people

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prepare dessert for many people

Serve a refreshing dessert.

Dessert for many people

After you have already taken care of by a starter and a main course complicated, it is even better if the dessert something simple, but just as tasty as the rest of food fails. The following dessert is prepared quickly and is great for many people.

  1. Prepare a liter of milk and custard powder a pudding according to the package instructions to. Let the pudding finally in a large serving bowl to cool.
  2. Whip the cream in a tall jug with mixer until stiff and if in doubt, a packet of cream stiff.
  3. also planing the chocolate small. Alternatively, you can also use grated chocolate.
  4. eventually lift the ground nuts, cream and chocolate under the warm pudding. Observe the order and stir the pudding at the end is not too strong to, otherwise the chocolate melts and mixes the liquid state with the pudding.

This sweet dessert sufficient guarantees for many people and completes your menu from wonderful. This dessert can be cooked by the way also with chocolate pudding and white chocolate.

Dessert with a difference

It may not always be a classic dessert - to many people prepare a dessert, even a simple milkshake with fresh fruit and whipped cream is suitable!

  1. Puree the fruit of your choice, eg. As strawberries, raspberries or mango, with the Magic Wand small and taste it with some sugar from.
  2. Beat the cream until stiff.
  3. Calculate per person a 250 ml milk. Enter the cold fresh milk in a large bowl and add the pureed fruit. You can prepare the shakes even portions.
  4. Finally, fill the milkshake into glasses and pour one ball of vanilla ice cream into it. Inject the cream as a cap on the Shake and garnish the dessert with a straw, grated chocolate or colored sprinkles.

You and your guests will certainly taste the dessert!

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