Preparing bamboo shoots - recipe for the wok

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Preparing bamboo shoots - recipe for the wok

Bamboo shoots are Asian cuisine.

Cooking with bamboo shoots is easier than one might think at first glance. Above all, it is quick and simple. The Wok is also only requires one pot.

Find out more about bamboo shoots

  • Bamboo shoots are among the Asian cuisine just as important as the rice. The stem vegetables eaten there for many millennia.
  • From the plant are not only edible sprouts, but also the leaves, the heart and fluid.
  • Fresh bamboo shoots, you get in Asialaden. But there are also the dried variety and of course, preserved.

Prepare the dish in wok

  1. First enter the glass noodles in a bowl with hot water and let it swell for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Then pour off the glass noodles and let them drain well.
  3. If you want, you can now cut the glass noodles small.
  4. The pork cut into thin, bite-size strips.
  5. In a wok, heat the soybean oil and fry on the pork with constant stirring.
  6. Now enter the diced shallots and fry them until they got color.
  7. The fresh peppers and bamboo shoots, cut into thin strips and give everything to the meat in the wok. Again, you should pay attention when cooking that you stir everything continuously so that nothing attaches.
  8. Then delete with vegetable broth from the meat and the vegetables.
  9. Only now enter the glass noodles and and mix everything thoroughly.
  10. Then stir into the soy sauce and taste the dish with salt and pepper from.
  11. After the preparation and taste, you sprinkle a little sesame oil over the finished dish. This gives the whole a special taste.

The best way to serve the dish with basmati rice or even better with Asian jasmine rice.

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