prevent swallows - how to scare off the unwanted lodgers

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prevent swallows - how to scare off the unwanted lodgers

Not everyone is pleased with a bird's nest.

Swallows prevented by legal defense

  • One possibility is the installation of so-called Swallow control spikes. These are attached to the wall and prevent the birds can nest. It will therefore be destroyed no nest.
  • It is only attached to the wall facade of the house is a protection, so that the swallows do not remain permanently guest. You can find this protection in any hardware store, which also has a pet department.

Avoid swallows with networks

Another possibility is the application of networks. With networks, you can fend off the settlement permanently by swallows and must attach this only once. The networks hold a few years until you need to replace them to defect sites. Networks should you attach very low on the wall. Otherwise there is a danger that the swallows make a nest between the attached network and the house wall. There are two different types of networks. PE trawls or nets made of stainless steel. This you can easily fix by an adhesive attachment, thereby preventing holes by drilling.

prevent swallows by wire

In addition to the methods already mentioned, there is a special wire system which is screwed to the Dachverlattung on the house wall. Here is mounted from the eaves of the wire system obliquely to the wall. The screwed pins prevent the tensioned wires nesting. This is a similar method as in the network.

offer alternative breeding sites

  • Shall Schwalbennester be prevented only on the wall, you can set up an incubator or even a swallow house of the swallows. By perfect nesting sites the swallows house walls are lured and can breed undisturbed by using nest boxes. You have the animals offered a new home and additionally protected your home from uninvited guests.
  • To prevent swallows, is best to install a network at the house wall. However given should offer an alternative breeding opportunity for the birds, since you already are under strict animal welfare.
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