Primer - Definition

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Primer - Definition

Before painting the canvas must be primed.

Primer in painting

A primer is essential in some paintings. But why and how the procedure is here?

  • You can not paint with oil paint directly onto a canvas. The canvas would absorb the oil of oil paint and dry the colors cracked. Therefore, you need a primer before you start painting the image with oil paint. In addition, the paint adheres better to the substrate.
  • The primer is therefore as the first coat on the stretcher. Specifically, it is in oil painting several layers, which together make up the primer. Traditionally, there is a primer of a first layer of diluted glue. Then several layers of glue-chalk mixture be applied. The conclusion provides a final layer of glue with white pigments. Nowadays you can also buy ready-made primers in Artist Business, as well as malfertige Stretcher. Gesso is a kind of universal primer which can be used as preparation for oil, acrylic, tempera and gouache colors.
  • Not only canvases are primed. In the Middle Ages painting was spread on wood. Because wood is also cut off the oil the color, must be primed again.
  • Acrylic paint can be applied to any surface. so you do not prime the canvas before beginning with the image. Nevertheless Acrylbilder can be primed to prevent too deep penetration of the color into the canvas and thus the painting surface is smoother. The primer is suitable among others, acrylic binder, not pigmented acrylic paint.
  • A special artist primer is the primer watercolor. You may apply on a canvas and then paint with water colors on it - which would be impossible without a primer.

Here is also primed

Not only in painting primers are often essential. Where must be primed to?

  • A primer is part of the make-ups. It is applied as a first layer on the face. The purpose of this "Foundation" is to hide blemishes and Unebenmäßigkeiten. A matte primer is suitable for oily skin, moisturizing Foundation can radiate the face. Unobtrusive and look natural mousse Foundations.
  • If you have already plastered, you know that you need to prime the surface first. Depending on the surface, there are various primer, designed to ensure that the plaster sticks and the ground will not absorb too much moisture.
  • Even when painting walls, a primer to be used, the so-called deep groundwater. It also reduces the absorbency of the substrate.

So primers have two main tasks: first, they are intended to prevent the surface of the color dehumidifying, on the other hand they may contribute to a better adhesion of colors on the surface.

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