Primroses - planting time, location, care tips

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Primroses - planting time, location, care tips

Available with garden trade in the spring: the Primrose.

Primroses - common types

The name primrose refers to a genus of about 500 species. The German name Cowslip refers to the shape of the inflorescence, the have some types. It is reminiscent of a keychain.

In the garden centers are usually pillow primroses (Primula vulgaris hybrids) on offer, form a dense cover their flowers in the leaf rosette. It involves crossing various Asian and Chinese primroses in different colors.

Also in stores ball primroses (Primula denticulata) to find. Your flowers are spherical on a long stalk. Mugs primroses (Primula obconica) are intended for cool rooms and less for the garden.

The best time to plant the garden & home

Primroses are usually available as flowering plants in trade in small pots. The planting time is not immediately after the purchase in the spring, as this Primroses come from greenhouses and flower buds why not frost resistant. You may until the end of May, after the Ice Saints outside. You can take the plants from the small pots and any time put into trays or boxes. Species that are offered as houseplants, keep to June in the house in order to enjoy the bloom.

Pull primroses from seed

Primroses, you can also grow from seed. Put the seeds from November to February in seed boxes with seed compost and cover them with a thin layer of sand. Put a transparent cover on the seed boxes and put them into the open this, when the temperatures are above ten degrees.

Germination begins later than May as primroses are Kaltkeimer. Plant in the garden as soon as they are somewhat stronger plantlets. In order to avoid frost damage, the planting should be no later than September. If the home-grown primroses not yet strong enough to wait with planting until next year.

The plants overwinter

The small pillow primroses, cowslips real and most ball primroses tolerate frost. For safety, you can distribute some foliage on the plants. Easy-care Frühblüher often already show the end of February First flowers. Depending on the variety and care the flowers bloom until the end of June.

Varieties offered as houseplants tolerate usually no frost. Ask them after flowering on a rainy day outside. Get the pots early November back into the house.

The right location for primroses

Garden Primroses need a sunny to partially shaded place. From the garden a flower bed of nutrient-rich and moisture-retaining soil. Fashion compost a, this is fertilizer and water storage.

The primroses must also be available in a light place, if you maintain the same room. Caution: Some varieties do not tolerate direct sun. Also make sure that it is cool in the room. Is it warmer than 15 degrees, the leaves turn yellow and the flowers fall off.

The Care Overview


Garden Primroses sunny

Room primroses halbschattig

planting time

in the garden after flowering

in room from spring


Floral or garden soil with compost

to water

only when soil has slightly dried


during flowering every 14 days with nitrogen-poor fertilizer


Cut away Verblühtes

winter protection

cover in mild winter with leaves or straw

bring houseplants into the house

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