Privacy Questions - so inform yourself properly

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Privacy Questions - so inform yourself properly

With privacy concerns your personal data.

This means Privacy

  • Generally it is about the second half of the 20th century the view that all people have the right to decide what information may be disclosed about you, who can do what hold about you. It is assumed that a right to informational self-determination and right to privacy.
  • Without the exact definition zoom pull is meant by Notice that all the data that is collected for an operation, may be stored only for a specific purpose and used and so must be kept, that these are not accessible to bystanders. Very important is the fact that these operations are not allowed to secretly run behind the back of the person concerned. A classic case is an order from a catalog company that needs to save your address, at least in the short term in order to ship the goods and this may save only in the long term, if you allow it.
  • To achieve these objectives, there are various laws that core is substantially in Germany, the Federal Data Protection Act. In this law, all matters should be privacy.

Answers to questions about the protection of data

  • If you order something, move, other a car or reregister and many other operations everyday information about you is stored. It will be presented to a privacy policy on a regular basis, they are aware of you to confirm, so the operation can take place. Many questions regarding privacy are answered in these statements, because these statements are provided for your information. Even if you have to sign the privacy statements often, it is not so that you explain it a bit, but you will be explaining something.
  • These declarations can be found exactly in the rule which data is stored and for what purpose. Often these statements may be associated with a permit, allowing you, for example, the storage of the data agree, as in the mentioned example of ordering by mail. If you want to keep track of who has what hold about you, you should not simply sign off these explanations, but print and file. Then you can determine at any time who has something stored.
  • Privacy Questions you can answer the Data Protection Officer. As a rule, each operation or any institution that stores data such officer who ensures that the data will be handled according to local regulations. For example, to require the deletion of a record at a company, the Data Protection Commissioner is the one who can answer the question of whether this is done,.
  • In the provinces, there are state commissioner for data protection, they are responsible not only for monitoring the country's authorities but also data protection supervision for private enterprises. You can also submit complaints to this State Commissioner therefore. General questions regarding data protection is one to answer from this side, but specific questions that relate to a particular case, can not and should not answer the commissioner.
  • The Federal Commissioner for Data Protection supervises federal and advises and monitors the implementation of security checks. This be able to help only with matters relating to this area.

For more information on data protection

  • Primarily, you can refer to the Federal Data Protection Act, which regulations have been reached in Germany on the subject. Specific questions about the law can answer any lawyer or a consumer center.
  • The already mentioned privacy statement provides information, which data is stored for any purpose as long. If such a declaration is missing, you can contact in many cases to the Competition Center. This can be answered though no questions, but will cause the operation in question to comply with the Data Protection Act.
  • A good place to concrete questions regarding data protection is the Virtual Privacy Office. You can check online and make relevant inquiries.
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