Private accounting - how it works

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Private accounting - how it works

The private accounting helps to keep track of the finances.

  • The private accounting consists of two blocks, on the one hand, all costs under the facility are recorded. The other block contains the revenue.
  • Visit together all documents relating to non-discretionary expenditures. These include insurance, taxes, operating costs for apartment or house property (electricity, water, gas, municipal waste, chimney sweeps, heating service, etc.), rental payments, newspaper subscriptions, bank fees, GEZ, Flatrate, mobile phone contract, expenses for the children (school fees, accommodation, food allowance , travel expenses, etc.) and any installment payments and leases. The private accounting is an important tool for the clarity and satisfaction of all liabilities.
  • The analysis of the statements of one year may be very useful for the preparation of private accounting.

The private accounting helps avoid debt

  1. Place for your private accounts a table, in the horizontally all months are listed above, and the column is set up for the annual sum.
  2. Vertical in the first column you enter all regular expenses. Useful additions can this possibly be tax numbers, account numbers, etc., you need to send the request and when filling out documents. So you already have important information at a glance and can assign better the information on the account statement.
  3. Do you have to run on different accounts debit authorizations are requested to note the well.
  4. Now enter the annual sum and record the monthly charges. The private accounting documents the contractually agreed payment terms. Once debit, monthly installments, quarterly detection etc. You must assign accordingly.
  5. If there are no current mortgage payments, you can take over from the previous year and stand out in color until update.
  6. Then make all columns the sums and learn so already, what are each of your monthly charges. With the average monthly determination (1/12 of the annual costs), you calculate a certain benchmark.
  7. The private accounting is meaningful by another Block. Here you detect loads that are not fixed by contract. These include surgery fees, medication and medical expenses. Likewise, hairdressing, cosmetics and other services and car costs are among them. Internet purchases can be captured. You decide what is meaningful to you and are expensive.
  8. You can also set up free line for unexpected expenses that you then enter a month.
  9. You decide whether you want to integrate the economy of money and thus the cost of living as well. Or, you specify a budget that allows you to cover these expenses.
  10. In addition to all costs revenue in the second major block as important. You may detect a monthly basis. These include salaries and wages, rental income, extra earnings, sales, child allowance, education allowance, interest, etc.
  11. It also calculate a sum and expect this to when the summed costs. So the private accounts will indicate if you have optimally mismanaged.
  12. The private accounting Finish off with a monthly evaluation of account balances. The development of your balance confirms the results of your cost-benefit calculation.
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