Private pension and widow's pension - useful information

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Private pension and widow's pension - useful information

Private pension provision is mandatory.

calculate the own pension thoroughly

  • Sooner or later you are today as professional on the verge of retirement. To avoid a nasty surprise in relation to their own pension, it is essential, at an early stage to calculate their own pension and the widow's pension.
  • As a rule of thumb that the retirement pension is about 45 percent of their last net income. This number is dependent on the length of employment and the contributions paid. Hardly any workers met today the contribution period of 45 years.
  • Do you plan to take early retirement, your own pension, and thus later the widow's pension, again diminished. For each month that you, to retire before reaching the statutory retirement age, the standard retirement pension is reduced by three percent. As you can retire a maximum of 36 months before reaching regular retirement, the reduction in this case is 10.8 percent.
  • Due to the tax liability of the pension benefits, the net pension is again lower than reported in the pension decision in circumstances.

Widow's pension is calculated according to the old-age pension

  • In your retirement planning not just their own pension may play a role, the widow's pension is just as relevant.
  • The widow's pension is different "small" widow's pension between the "large" and the. The large widow's pension is 55 percent of the pension of the deceased and is done currently, if the or the survivor is at least 45 years old and / or a minor child living in the household.
  • The small widow's pension is roughly 25 percent of the disability pension the deceased. You will be provided to survivors, where a reasonableness are seen in their own secure livelihood. The duration is limited to two years.
  • occupy these few figures that it is important for everyone to make provisions privately not only for their own retirement, but also for the widow's pension.
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