Probate fees - Useful

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Probate fees - Useful

When you inherit, you must leave the probate fees.

Probate - tasks and functions

  • The Probate Court is part of the District Court and will respect the law of succession an important role in the German legal system - from the custody of wills over the estate assurance to Testament openings.
  • Powers and responsibilities are set out in the Civil Code, contact person details, see the District Court of the domicile of the testator. What fees you should expect, is different.
  • The main tasks of the estate court involves the creation of inheritance. First, however, it takes wills contrary, secures it, returns it, opened it and issued certificates executor.
  • It also notes the right of inheritance of the German state, if indeed a discount, but no inheritance could be determined.

With these fees you should expect

  • When probate you have to pay fees for certain activities. Typically, you pay for each activity - whether Testament custody or Erbscheinerstellung - a flat fee of 10 euros plus VAT..
  • In addition, you pay more fees, depending on what tasks executing the probate. The exact costs vary from district court to district court.
  • Usually the fee is based on business value, so the value of the inheritance: for the official detention of wills example, you would pay a fee of 25 percent of goodwill. Would you like to get a certificate of inheritance created, there is an additional full charge.
  • Additional charges specifically ask either to the competent probate court or the Internet. Note here that the cost of the city can vary greatly to the city.
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