process building materials - so stir to concrete

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process building materials - so stir to concrete

Concrete - the classical building material / Pixelio

Work the concrete building material properly

The basic components for high-quality concrete are lime, known as bricklaying mortar or sand (cleaned), cement as a binder and sand, fine gravel and water. The latter is added individually as required, however, applies the rule of thumb here: half a liter of water to one kilogram of cement. The exact amount depends inter alia on such factors:

  • The humidity plays an essential role in the mixing of concrete.
  • What is the respective outside temperature? This aspect should not be disregarded at the concrete building material.
  • Another decisive criterion is, moreover, the moisture of the sand.

The correct procedure for mixing concrete

It is best to use for the building mix gravel with a grain size of 0/16. In addition, whenever possible comes lime mortar used. Indeed, contrary to the classical cement mortar can this process much easier. Knowledge value is, however, that it is not quite as robust and, moreover, water-permeable.

  1. The first step is to mix the sand with lime or with cement.
  2. Thereafter carefully added water until the required consistency is reached.
  3. By carefully stirring a homogeneous mass, which can be easily distributed to playing then.
  4. Should however larger quantities building material or concrete are mixed, it is best to proceed as follows: Approximately two-thirds of the required amount of water added to the current concrete mixer.
  5. Subsequently add the cement, gravel and sand.
  6. Now follows the remaining water, and the slurry is mixed for about three to four minutes.

The higher the quality, the qualitative nature of the use of advanced materials, the more resistant is the concrete later. The spreadability can sustainably improve in this way.

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