produced ant killer on an ecological basis itself

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produced ant killer on an ecological basis itself

Ants can be combated with simple means.

Ants can distribute - ant poison in an emergency

  • If ants find food in the house, they mark the way there with fragrances. Other ants are attracted, and there are so-called ant trails. This can be prevented by not be lying around food. Tierfutternäpfe should very regularly cleaned, floors often vacuumed or mopped.
  • If, despite these preventive measures an ant infestation occurred, one should first block the way. Ritzen, eg under door frames or the floor and end strips under kitchen cabinets to seals with commercial, for appropriate means.
  • Have you formed eg extended absence, ant trails, interrupts to this example with double sided tape. Even the cleaner does a good job here. Cost-effective ant killer is eg coffee powder, salt or ammonium carbonate. In order to be absolutely sure you establish a deadly ant trap. This involves taking a shallow dish with smooth walls and filled them with a mixture of beer and sugar or honey.
  • A major infestation, but also more opportunities to drive ants, and avoid the need to use ant poison, has in the garden. In lawn large ant occurrence must be combated if the turf is to be used for relaxation or children to play. The Erdhügelchen that are here often troubled by ants, you can sprinkle with fresh yeast. The ants burst. Also, sodium chloride can be used. It acts hygroscopic, meaning it deprives the animals water. A potent toxin is a mixture of water, cigarette butts and cigarette ashes. This is poured into the affected areas in the lawn.
  • Unpleasant is a strong ant infestation in garden beds, if here is vegetables thrive. Because here, if possible no ant poison to be used, you scared away the animals by them hated odors. Mulching with parts of tomato plants has been very successful. It is to remember big draw some plants just for that purpose. When mulching, however, care must be taken to use only really healthy plants, otherwise there is a danger that diseases such as brown rot, in the garden spread.
  • Other fragrances that are shunned by ants, are contained in cloves, parsley, lemon, lemon peel, marjoram and lavender.
  • Under with the opening downwards put clay pots ants gather. If you raise the pot on, you can eliminate the animals with boiling water. Is this measure too drastic, the pots can also be filled with straw. The ants collect therein, and may be with a shovel to another place where they do not interfere, relocated.
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