producing raw milk cheese itself - how it works

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producing raw milk cheese itself - how it works

Good cheese is a true delicacy.

One of the most popular delicacies is cheese, enjoyed with a glass of red wine mundigen, just so, a crusty baguette to maybe a few olives - already is a delicious meal ready. But supermarket cheese in plastic wrap just does not taste really. Try to make once raw milk cheese itself, it's easier than you think.

To succeed as a raw milk cheese delicious cream cheese

  1. In order to produce raw milk cheeses as cream cheese, just milk and rennet. Rennet you get at your local pharmacy or you can use it online order. Lab causes the milk coagulates and so the protein is determined and the typical structure.
  2. Take a quart of milk, this results in a little more than 200 grams of cream cheese. Warm the milk to 30 degrees Celsius.
  3. Remove the pan from the heat and add 20 drops of rennet added (or, as indicated on the package. Some need per liter of milk a drop, other, less concentrated rennets, need 20 drops. This is detail mentioned in the package .)
  4. Stir two or three minutes to evenly.
  5. Cover the pot with a tight-fitting lid and insulate it. This can be done in a cool box to isolate the usually serves cold drinks. Or wrap a blanket around the pot.
  6. After a rest period of four hours, take a linen cloth and put it in a coarse sieve.
  7. Then, add the raw milk cheese mass in the linen cloth, so that the whey to drain down.
  8. Beat in half an hour the linen cloth to the raw milk cheese mass and express the remaining liquid.
  9. Let the finished raw milk cheese then in the towel in the refrigerator rest for one hour.
  10. Then, the finished cream cheese with chopped herbs or coarsely ground pepper are sprinkled.

To make soft cheese made from raw milk

  1. You need two liters of milk that you warm up to 30 degrees Celsius.
  2. Now add 6 tablespoons of buttermilk and stir to well.
  3. Let the mass then covered and isolated rest vibration free for one hour.
  4. Now add eight drops of rennet it, and leave the rest mass isolated one more hour without shaking it.
  5. Then cut the raw milk curd with a knife into squares, which are about two centimeters tall.
  6. Now place a linen cloth into a bowl and scoop the dice carefully in the towel.
  7. Keep the cloth up together and bounce slightly so, so that cheese and whey separate.
  8. If a ball, or a solid form has formed, enter it either as whole pieces or sliced ​​and layered with herbs or spices in a cheesecloth lined with mold and press down the ground.
  9. Beat Now the cheesecloth over the raw milk cheese and close the form.
  10. Store. The raw milk cheese to drain at room temperature for twelve hours At least every half hour, the cheese should now be reversed.
  11. After twelve hours, you take the cheese from the cloth and "bread" it with salt in order to dry it and preserve.
  12. Place the salted cheese for an additional hour in the cheese vat, where it needs to be turned once.
  13. After one hour, the cheese is blotted and wrapped in damp cheesecloth. Allow the raw milk for almost a week in the fridge ripe.

Raw milk cheese is best made from organic milk. Ask at the health food store you trust. The fat content must be at least 3.6%.

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