Professions that have to do with computers - so inform yourself properly

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Professions that have to do with computers - so inform yourself properly

Computers are used in many professions.

To inform yourself about different professions

The Federal Employment Agency has a website set up so that you can retrieve profiles of various professions.

  • On the side of the Federal Employment Agency to get both information about the necessary qualifications and the conditions of education and professional prospects.
  • A good overview of many computer professionals you get when you type in the search box the phrase "IT". This will give you an overview of a variety of professions from the information technology area. These include activities as a software developer, computer or computer graphics.
  • In many cities special events are regularly offered in which school or university graduates can find out about different professions themselves.
  • You can also make an appointment for a professional advice. This service is offered by Your local job center for free and is also at your disposal if you only want to be guided and currently are not looking for a job.
  • Furthermore there is also the so-called career information centers where you can obtain information on various computer professions.

Find the Right Computer Job

  • Do you like working with other people? Then could be right for you a job in the IT consulting. You can support companies in the selection of appropriate information technology systems and instruct in this.
  • If you are technically gifted, perhaps the work is interesting in a computer emergency service or repair service for you.
  • Would you like to contribute your creativity in a computer job? Then you may be able to act as graphic designers or even develop new software products.
  • Apply it to internships to get an insight into interesting for you professions. Also taster days are possible in many companies.
  • The visit of trade fairs is another great way to socialize and to find out about job opportunities in the computer industry.
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