Progress - Definition

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Progress - Definition

The concept of progress is often used in research.

The concept of progress is a positive development, which is not specifically use. It can be used both for in order to describe the positive change of humans as well as of situations and the increase of knowledge in sciences and in research. The definition suggests that a better condition is obtained than before.

Progress and word origins

The word derivation of the term can not be attributed to a specific language. Only for the purposes of use within the German linguistic usage the definition of progress is similar to the French use of the word "progrès".

  • Progrès stands for progression. Here, there are similarities with the Latin "progressus" that describes the progression metaphorically and physically.
  • The German word "Progress" serves as a synonym and draws attention to the relationship in use.

Definition of progression and use of terms

In German, the word progress as a positive development, even development of something or someone. Striking here is that a development is always been positive.

  • In a wider sense of progress can also be understood as a movement of walking. The term "progresses you" does not mean, therefore, a further development of the person, but describes her departure or resuming an action.
  • Other synonyms include the progression of progress or growth - as well as the development or higher development.
  • Typical phrases in this context are "making progress" or as "a great step forward".

Often this term and its Redewenduneng used as in science. Examples of this are expressions such as "technological progress" or "medical progress". Typical statements can be about this: "Technical progress is growing rapidly", "Medical advances make it possible" or "The progress of the human species".

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