Prom dresses that are long - so manage the styling for small women

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Prom dresses that are long - so manage the styling for small women

Beautiful ball gown, but not for small women.

Important in long dresses for short women

Long dresses are really ideal for small women, because this is admirably suited to stretch the figure. but you should pay attention to some:

  • Do not choose long dresses in which the upper body is designed in a different color than the lower body. A soft gradient from bottom to top, however, is ideal because it visually lifts the shoulders.
  • Never take long dresses that visually divide the figure, corset-like tops with full skirt or belt at the waist are taboo, tank top-like clothes or something in the Empire style are better.
  • Long deep V-cut outs, a silk scarf, which extends far from the neck to the knees, stretch. Narrow narrow skirts with slot are also better than too much material on smaller figure.
  • Pattern should be more discreet and have a vertical layout, horizontal stripes or patterns act like horizontal stripes even over long ball gowns taboo.
  • Many prom dresses have wide swinging skirts with ruffles or frills, this is not for small women, you'd better choose which with a snappy flared skirt, ev. Also comes in the form of quarter or half bell questioned, as these cuts down length arise, but not apply at the hip.

Styling for prom dresses for short women

Note overall proportions, often it seems smaller because the proportions are not correct:

  • At long ball gowns, where the waist is not stressed, you may very well wear shoes with very high heels. 8 to 10 cm longer body height makes a big and under those clothes you realize not that shift the proportions, so you have in relation to the upper body too long legs.
  • not complement prom dresses with bouffant skirts with high heels and so to make the dress wearable for you try. You will then have a visual point to long legs.
  • If you have long hair, put up this, a free neck lengthens the figure. But without high "constructions" on the head, because that makes a long head. They are then treated with the hair larger but the changed proportions of head and body never seem advantageous.

Small women can very well wear long prom dresses, if you follow these suggestions.

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