Pronounce Sympathy - so do it authentically

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Pronounce Sympathy - so do it authentically

Death shows limits. Petra_Bork / Pixelio

Pronounce condolences authentic

  • If you want to express your condolences authentic, it is important to do this personally. In theory this is true today even through SMS or social networks like Facebook or Twitter possible - but is inappropriate.
  • The best way to express his condolences authentically today is still the classic mourning visit. It is best to call that person on beforehand and ask if such a visit is at all desirable and when he temporally best fits in.
  • When is the right time for such a visit? Usually the first few weeks for those left behind are filled. For example, in organizing the funeral. Only then enters a void, and just at this time you should contact and ask if a visit is desired.
  • But what clothing is appropriate if you want a grieving person express their sympathy? Black clothing is for such a visit, the classic solution, but it need not be. Under no circumstances should wear T-shirt and shorts during such a visit, because this clothing is inappropriate.

Icebreaker to condolences

  • But what to say then when you face the daring person? The question "how are you because now so?" Is inappropriate because it is clear that there is a person who is mourning, is not going well. One possible icebreaker would, for example, that you report what did you mean the deceased person. What impresses you about this person? Where was the deceased person for a role model? Familiarize yourself in advance of a visit on such matters thoughts. This can break an awkward silence during a funeral visit and facilitates entry into a conversation. Above all, they act entirely authentic (credible) if you talk about your personal experience with the deceased.
  • Now there are many on the Internet prefabricated texts to express his condolences. In such a text, you should not rely, if you want to express your sympathy authentic.
  • It's the same with pre-funeral cards available at retail. Such a card is not authentic and only appropriate if you knew the deceased only fleetingly.

If you follow these guidelines, talk grieving people your condolences in an appropriate manner.

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