Propane - select nozzle for gas stove correctly

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Propane - select nozzle for gas stove correctly

Flame picture at right burner nozzles for propane.

To operate your stove with propane

If you want to operate your gas stove with propane gas, it is often necessary to replace the existing burner nozzles, as these are designed usually for city gas.

  • Note that the burner nozzles for propane are usually supplied when purchasing a new gas cooker.
  • So look best to start at the accessories your gas oven to the nozzles before you buy unnecessarily new.
  • If the burner nozzles for propane gas (no longer) have, ask most the manufacturer of your gas range then, as they will work depending on the model differ.
  • The determination of the types of nozzles is based an identifier that you can usually find on the top of the nozzle.
  • Note Run the handwritten Replacement of nozzles on each case, the information in the instructions or let the work rather just by a specialist.
  • Caution: The use of unsuitable nozzles can in operating a gas oven with propane cause strong soot and badly burning flames.

What else is important except the right nozzle

To operate a gas cooker in Germany with propane gas, in addition to using the appropriate burner nozzle various other requirements must be met.

  • Crucial for safe use when using propane gas is first of all that the performance of your gas range must be less than 11 kW.
  • Moreover, the space by gas stove and propane tank are located, are above the ground and have a volume of about 20 cubic meters, so that any leaking gas can not accumulate.
  • Also note that you may keep a maximum of one of the commercially available 11-kg propane in a room.

If you adhere to these legal requirements and take the necessary safety precautions, you must obtain in Germany no official authorization to carry your gas range with propane.

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