properly maintain Vriesea

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properly maintain Vriesea

The Vriesea belongs to the Bromeliad plants.

The Vriesea - an unusual plant

The bromeliad, which is among the bromeliads, has leaves which are in a dense rosette and form a funnel. This allows most Vrieseas to live in an extraordinary location.

In nature they are epiphytes. That is they do not take root in the soil, but grow on trees. Unlike parasites They do not feed on the plant, on which they live. They collect the leaves that have partly additional Saugschuppen, water and nutrients.

Among the more than 250 species of Vriesea there are specimens with single color green leaves and others with banded, marbled or buntblättrigem foliage. The inflorescence is flat rosette or spike-shaped. Because of the long lance-like inflorescences bear species carinata and Splendens the German name "Flaming Sword".

Various Vrieseas Overview




Forms large narrow yellow flower


Big red flower, Blatter banded


Large broad yellow flower


No typical funnel Saugschuppen on the leaves, small flowers in panicle


Red funnel flare, Flower Red


Deciduous leaves are grayish, flower is a pink rose.

Claims of Bromelienart Overview

  • The Vriesea in a bright place with sun filters.
  • Protect from the midday sun.
  • Does transmissive substrate.
  • Temperature of the air must be at least 18 degrees.
  • Bottom temperature of at least 20 degrees required.
  • Requires high humidity.

Care of plants

The substrate is for Vriesea of ​​minor importance, it should not only be too wet. She digs into the roots to find grip. The plant feeds from the ground, but on the leaves.

Pour lukewarm water in the leaf hopper, not on the ground. In it, water must always be. This you need to renew from time to time, as it can rot. The earth does not need water, low moisture is useful for the maintenance of the plant.

Sprinkle in the summer the leaves regularly with water. Mix once a month one gram of fertilizer to a liter of water into the water spray. A typical wintering there is not. You Ask fertilizing in winter and keep the funnel slightly humid.

Tip: Use rainwater for watering and spraying to prevent limescale in the rosette. After some time, begin to bloom the Vriesea. Now you can pour no more water in the rosette of leaves. Flowering fault when the hopper is wet.

Proliferation of Vrieseas

Each Vriesea blooms only once. After the flower has died in the rosette, drives the plant from Angle Kindel. Many gardeners cut the mother plant from just above the ground as soon as the small plants show.

If you want to keep the plant, wait six to nine months. The branch should reach a third of the size of the main plant before disconnecting them. Put the children in a mixture of sand, sphagnum, pine needles and dry beech leaves. He has to form roots, to find support in the pot.

It pays not usually repot a Vriesea and cultivate after flowering on. Some species go one after flowering. If your plant produces seeds, delete those. It could be a variety that does not form Kindel. Put the seeds on the same substrate, which you need for cuttings. Keep damp it and place the pot with the seeds to a bright place.

Diseases and Pests

Vrieseas indicate by brown leaf tips when the air is too dry. Spray frequently with warm water, so that the plant does not wither. You can stop the process, not be undone. If the colors of the leaves fade, the Vriesea is too dark. On a brighter place it quickly gets back color.

Small fantasies on undersides of the leaves are spider mites. As a first step, it helps to wash the leaves with water. It is better if you buy predatory mites (Phytoseiulus) and suspend.

The bromeliads are overall easy to maintain and multiply. Usually buy flowering specimens whose flower lasts months. Cultivate after the dying young talent.

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