Pros and Cons computer - so you weigh

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Pros and Cons computer - so you weigh

A computer can be very helpful. simon45 / Pixelio

A computer can be very helpful in the private sector. It can open up new dimensions, but it also poses a threat, namely when you neglect your social contacts if you spend hours surfing the Internet, play games or spend a lot of time on social networks. Weigh the pros and cons from before you buy a computer.

Pro - so you can use the computer sense

  • A computer can make your life easier noticeable. You can shop online, order concert tickets, do your banking and to stay with friends and family know. Video telephony is possible as well as the exchange of holiday photos or sending invitations. You'll never have to go to post and insert a letter, writing a mail is much easier. For all these options, you need the Internet.
  • Even without Internet, the computer is very useful. You can write letters, listen to music, edit photos and videos and watch. Also learn languages ​​and reading electronic books is possible with the computer.

Contra - these dangers buying a computer

  • A computer carries the risk of addiction and isolation. If you spend more time on the computer than with your family, this is a very great danger. Even hours of video games or surfing the Internet can be addictive.
  • You might feel tempted not to upload music or movies from the Internet or there, albeit unintentionally distribute. They would be liable to prosecution in this case, the pirated copy.

The pros and cons of a computer should especially intensively weigh up when it comes to your child gets their own computer. After a certain age, a computer is already as mandatory equipment of the nursery. However, you should observe your child well and periodically check whether the computer use is not rampant or even dangerous.

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