Protect Mac with a password - so succeeds's

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Protect Mac with a password - so succeeds's

Protect your Mac.

Protect the Mac with password

  • A password protection system should be done in several stages, depending on the use and location of the Macs.
  • A conventional password protection is the one that occurs at startup. Of particular importance is the protection for laptops, where stolen laptops are always easy to crack, when the data of the hard disk is not encrypted.
  • The Mac starts default after the administrator. In this case, this usually logs on automatically. This should be turned off first, which is in the System Settings -> Security - can make> "lock icon". After entering the password, click "Login Options" and "turn off" the "automatic login".
  • Set up on the occasion a new user in order to better protect your computer. This is, by signing in the future as "non-administrative". Go to Users -> "lock icon" -> "+". In menu you now "administrator" and enter a name and password. Now log with the new user and change the user menu, select "Allow user to administer this computer" when old administrator account (turn off the point). Log on again with the old account - and with limited rights - on.
  • If you want to enter the same menu equal to the "Name and password" option, after selecting "List of users" is deleted. You need your name and password now always. "Create Account" completed this step.
  • It may also be useful to protect the computer automatically after some time. Also this option is on the Security menu "Logging out after ... minutes of inactivity" possible. Enter the time after which the Mac automatically logs off and can reactivate only with password.
  • For added security, you protect the computer if work is interrupted: Security -> Require password to wake this computer from sleep ... ".
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