Protein and fat burning - helping high-protein diet while losing weight

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Protein and fat burning - helping high-protein diet while losing weight

Protein-rich foods help to burn fat.

Protein diets - reasons for the fat burning effect

  • A diet high in protein can - targeted - facilitate removal. The food component supplies per gram 4 calories; as much energy as carbohydrates and half as much as fat.
  • For weight reduction, high-protein foods are suitable, since they - unlike carbohydrates - do not let the insulin levels largely untouched and blood sugar levels rise. So food cravings is prevented effectively.
  • Which meal saturates lasting - a lean steak with green salad or a serving of spaghetti with tomato sauce easier? Compared You will find that you stay full longer with a protein-rich steak with the same number of calories.
  • It also supports a protein-rich foods combined with exercise in building muscle tissue. Remember, the more muscle mass in the body is present, the higher your basal metabolic rate and the more calories are burned.

Burn fat at night - targeted weight loss with protein

  • Take advantage of the nighttime fat burning phase using high-quality protein. Nutrition experts have found that a particular hormone is activated by targeted protein delivery in the evening, which burns at night fat.
  • Evening, take a little protein-rich meals to be, for example, lean meat without sauce with green salad and without starch side dish like potatoes, pasta or rice. Vegetarians taste delicious cottage cheese with spiced tomato pieces.
  • Do you want to extend the nighttime fat burning phase? Then start the next morning with a protein shake or a scrambled egg.

Please note: A protein nutrition ensures a particularly effective weight loss, but is not equally suitable for all dieters. Talk before the start of a diet is always a physician.

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