provided a screen door with a cat flap - how it works

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provided a screen door with a cat flap - how it works

A cat flap in your screen door is the ideal solution for outdoor access.

To install a cat flap in your screen door

  • Insect protective doors for self-assembly, see the different systems (such as swing doors, rotating or sliding) in any well-stocked hardware store.
  • The assembly of the screen door is done according to the instructions for the selected system and also for craft lay not a real problem. Only the margins of the insect screen requires the assistance of another person, steady hands, good consultation and patience. But the result - keep mosquitoes, flies, spiders and other animals from the living room - one eventually.
  • Note: Cats see the insect repellent often than unfamiliar obstacle outside and look at the fine-meshed fabric as additional scratch surface. This keeps a delicate lattice of course not long. You should already look for when buying your insect screen on a robust fabric (eg Pet Screen). There are also special insect protection doors for cat owners, but they are quite expensive.
  • It is recommended that when you design the screen door, in the upper region to choose a light-transmissive cover and to take a reinforced fabric at the bottom, in which the cat flap is installed later.
  • When selecting the cat flap, you must make sure that these are suitable for installation in a screen door. There are various brands that serve this purpose equally well.
  • The cat flap mount at the bottom - approximately 10 cm above the frame of the screen door. Whether you are installing the door on one side or in the middle, and is entirely up to you taste.
  • During installation, you must ensure that the scope of the door is firmly attached to the tissue and does not provide loopholes for insects.
  • The installation is very easy. The two-part frame is laid on the mesh fabric and the fabric is pressed with pressure between the frame halves. So the frame is tight. Now the fabric is cut carefully inside the frame with the cutter and "clipped" the inner part with the actual flap and closing functions in the frame. Done.

Now you can on summer evenings your patio door open again be reassured, your cats can autonomously and out and your living spaces are protected from unwanted creepy crawlies.

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