prune broom - so go ahead

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prune broom - so go ahead

Broom making lots of small flowers. Susanne Schmich / Pixelio

The Broom is a plant native to that usually grows in the wild on very poor soils. The typical color of its flowers is a bright yellow, it exists, but also in other flower colors.

The Scotch broom in the garden

The broom is in winter as well as summer pretty bare and makes a few small leaves. However, very nice to look at it is in May and June, when it forms a variety of golden flowers. He is however toxic in all parts and therefore only suitable for families with children and pets.

  • The broom needs a place in full sun. He is by nature very undemanding and grows well on poor soils and dry conditions. Because he hardly has leaves, it evaporates little water and therefore also comes with longer dry periods along well. Pour therefore sparingly and preferably use no fertilizer.
  • A juniper tree can grow up to two meters high, but mostly it remains small. He has long, thin rods, which overhang at an appropriate length.
  • From the many flowers the bolls that are somewhat hairy at the beginning and by the broom can only spread in the garden arise.
  • As plant native to the broom is hardy and therefore does not need special protection. However, in very cold layers to protect the root area with a little leaves or mulch.

prune after flowering

  • Once your broom has finished flowering, you should prune it a little, because the young shoots are the most flowers and because the broom is otherwise fast too heavy and fall over. Then cut all withered shoots about a third back.
  • When pruning, however, that there remain some leaves on the shoots. Do not cut beyond the leafy area.
  • During the heyday You can also cut a few branches of the vase in the house, they remain there quite well and bring beautiful color to your home.

If you live near a forest, you have your broom may protect a little, because it is often eaten by wild.

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