Pruning by when? - Prepare your trees for winter

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Pruning by when?  - Prepare your trees for winter

The time of pruning is important. Wolfgang_Dirscherl / Pixelio

Write down when you perform a pruning

The time that you just perform a pruning depends primarily on the tree. An ornamental trees and some fruit trees, you can perform the pruning already at the beginning of autumn, while there are fruit trees, you can crop only in late autumn and early winter.

  • Ornamental bushes that you do not want to grow to infinity, you can crop the period between late September and early October. This is only to note that the trees and hedges are trimmed not before the completion of the statutory bird breeding season.
  • Fruit trees such as cherry or plum can be trimmed at the beginning of the cold season, or about the beginning of November.
  • Walnut trees, you can crop, once the fruit harvested and the leaves have fallen.
  • Some fruit trees pruning depends on when you can reap the rewards. There are bulbs that are harvested in November and apples, which one plucks at Christmas time. After the harvest, you can also make these trees to pruning.

For small trees of pruning is easier

  • Once you have decided to have you make to your trees to pruning, get now thinking about the tree cut itself.
  • If for example you want to set new fruit trees, then buy what with refined strains. These trees do not grow from the trunk forth and are characterized not so huge. Large fruit trees bear as many fruits that you hardly can all use this. For small fruit trees you do not even climb the harvesting and pruning on a ladder.
  • Cut not only the small branches of trees down, but the thin branches on which hang the branches. If only the small branches are cut off, then it immediately after your entire treetop is grow a network of so fine branches that it can grow no fruits.
  • If you cut branches, whose diameters are thicker than 2 cm, then highlight the fresh ends on the tree a with grafting wax.

Deciding when to prune your trees, but is not so difficult.

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