Pruning trees - the cherry you can lop really

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Pruning trees - the cherry you can lop really

The fruit tree cut ensures high yields.

Pruning trees - benefits of regular cutback

The lights of fruit bearing trees should be done for various reasons regularly.

  • The lights of old, dead branches and shoots constitutes an appropriate measure when pruning trees, because falls again in this way more light through the crown and healthy new shoots to develop. With more exposure to light by the sun, the flowers can form better, so as a result also can develop more cherries.
  • Especially replanting you should to balance respect. The size ratio of surface and underground parts recover, provided the wood with a pruning trees, because this measure makes the subsequent waxing the crown and its growth habit.
  • As the cherry bears the fruit mainly on one-year wood, the pruning fruit trees is important because otherwise grow on any new shoots, on which a variety of cherries can develop.

The sour cherry clip right - the essential measures during stub

The pruning fruit trees should be done properly, so that form after the measure no fungal diseases.

  • You should especially use clean and sharp tools when pruning trees of sour cherry, because rusty or otherwise contaminated tools can cause fungal infections and other diseases in the wood. Therefore, the use of a cross-cut saw for cutting old, thicker branches offers while thin shoots are easily Shorten with pruning shears.
  • You should especially branches greatly Shorten, provided they already touch the ground by its own weight, because such impulses bring barely sour cherries produced, the flowering occurs on such drives usually very unsatisfactory. The shortening at least one third ensures the sprouting of new branches so that more grow back yearling plant material and many cherries can develop at these locations.
  • The optimal time for pruning trees is August immediately after harvest. This is because after shortening the wounds can not heal and the wood forms in the following year already new branches and shoots, where the cherries turn grow.
  • You should reduce unwanted branches directly on the trunk of the tree, because a half-hearted performance provides only for a branch of tree branches, where hardly possible to achieve income. Alternatively for pruning fruit trees at the root You can also make the cut at a Astgabelung.
  • You should look at shortening that the bark of the wood does not tear because of these vacancies, germs, bacteria and fungi can quickly settle and let the tree fall ill. For wound closure is suitable tree resin or a wound balm, both are available in garden centers and plant retailers. You should perform this task in any case, because often cause cuts to colonization by pathogens, on the basis of an old cherry tree can then respond.
  • You should prune the neck of the wood especially competitive branches. Insofar as two branches forking or they are parallel the growth behavior, you should cut off one of the two drives. Also vertical branches or branches that grow toward the tree inside, you should remove completely because you have a positive influence in this way the light and left standing branches grow more powerful and a new growth occurs.
  • The crown do not forget the trimming of the tree. To achieve a good light flooding here, you should reduce or remove perennial shoots when required. Just notice in correcting the crown that you do not cut in the one-year wood or Shorten very fresh shoots, otherwise they can not develop cherries.

Basically, the maintenance of the sour cherry is very simple, in trimming you should pay attention to clean working and adjust pruning trees the natural growth habit of the tree.

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