Psychological assessment for employment office - what it is needed

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Psychological assessment for employment office - what it is needed

Psychological expertises can be useful for the labor office.

What is the employment office responsible

Probably anyone who had ever been to do with the labor office, know what the Agency tasks. Do you know it?

  • For some time, the employment office's Federal Employment Agency (BA). It is responsible for many tasks around the training and labor market. Therefore, a wide network of agencies and branches is important.
  • The Agency is responsible to give you a job, even in occupations. This does not mean that you have to do nothing. Primarily, you have the job, as far as possible themselves to strive.
  • You do not know how it goes on, you will also like to assist the Agency in the form of guidance. For employers the agency offers advice.
  • Some agencies request individually to a psychologist's opinion, if they consider it necessary.
  • Furthermore, the labor office promotes training, supports people with disabilities in the integration and is also in the range of allowance payments such as unemployment benefits or insolvency money on the spot.
  • Employer supports the Agency in the form of services which obtained the workplace or even created.
  • In addition still come transmitting so-called order tasks to. This includes the fight against benefit fraud.

A psychological report is not uncommon for the labor office to check, for example, whether retraining is necessary.

For psychological assessment for the Agency is required

They want answers to professional questions? For the employment office professionals are available, which can also create a psychological report.

  • The Employment Agency employs a so-called psychological service, which is claimed, for example if the employment agency for assistance. Here it may be that the suitability of a juvenile is to be determined. You know determines the medical service of health insurance. The psychological service is similar erected.
  • An example of why a psychological report to be done: Because of an allergy, a hairdresser no longer perform your job. You should now be retrained, but do not know in which region and if they make it - the school is in the far back. The psychologist is commissioned to find out (the hairdresser) such as gaps in knowledge can be compensated, and whether it is possible that they can acquire new knowledge.
  • All this is, of course, discussed with the parties concerned and nothing is decided across the head.

The aim of the psychologists and the employment office is to find solutions that are acceptable to both sides.

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