Puffy eye bags - what to do?

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Puffy eye bags - what to do?

treat Puffy eye bags correctly.

How to get rid of puffy eye bags quickly

The skin around the eyes is very thin. There are many reasons that can lead to increased fluid retention in the eye bags. Saline dinner, a cold, stress, fatigue or dry air are just a few reasons for puffy eye bags.

  1. However, if you do not occasionally wake up with puffy bags under the eyes, but very often suffer from swollen eye bags, it's time to see your doctor. Sometimes hidden behind swollen puffiness serious diseases such as kidney or thyroid disease.
  2. Well suited as a first-aid measure against puffy eye bags, is cool. Put two teaspoons for a few minutes in your freezer. Place the chilled spoon now for a few seconds on your subconscious song until the spoon have room temperature again.
  3. A low-cost and effective remedy for your puffy eye bags are iced tea bag. brew as usual the tea bags, but let them go very briefly. Then put the tea bag easily and place briefly in the freezer. Now place the tea bags on your eyes. The most suitable black tea and chamomile tea.
  4. Commercially, there are gel-filled eye masks, which also include a few minutes in the freezer before applying the mask. The gel mask can also be very well spent evening -before the Zubettgehen- to prevent the swollen puffiness.
  5. An important prerequisite in order to give puffy eye bags no chance, is taking proper care of the eye area. Special eye care products, for example, contain caffeine, cool and firm the thin skin under the eyes. applied the evening you can puffy bags under the eyes in the morning prevented.
  6. Also, the temperature in your bedroom can be decisive responsible for your morning puffy eye bags. Heating or air conditioning in the bedroom should remain switched off at night. Ventilate the room where you sleep well before bedtime. If possible, sleep is tilted or open window.
  7. Your diet can help prevent puffy eye bags. Eating vitamin C-rich foods, avoid too much salt and drink at least 2 liters of water or herbal tea on the day distributed.
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