Pull magnolia from seed - with a little patience, it is possible so

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Pull magnolia from seed - with a little patience, it is possible so

The flowers of the magnolia are very attractive.

If you are planning to draw Magnolia yourself, you need patience. It may well take 10 years for the little plants a really big magnolia has become carrying flowers. If you do not frighten this, you should dare.

Pull Magnolia - harvest so and maintain the seeds

From the spent flowers of the magnolia is oblong pods, which are also called follicles develop. These pods are the seeds. This, however, easy to remove and put in the earth, does not work with security.

  1. Once the follicles of magnolia are dry and split open, you should see the seeds that are located in a red envelope taken, and immediately put on a few days in lukewarm water. Let lying around the red balls on the other hand dry, this reduces their future germination.
  2. Then take the seeds out of the water and wipe the red pulp. This works best with a little sand.
  3. Now hold the actual Magnolia seeds in his hands. They are dark. Put some wet sand in a storage tin, put it in, and cover them again with sand. Then seal the box hermetically and store the seeds to the seed in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator.

To drag Magnolia Plants

In early spring, when the ground is not too cold, you can start with the breeding.

  • Use loose substrate and fill it in flower pots. Then put into the seeds, cover them with soil. The layer of soil over the seeds should be in their height corresponding to its diameter. Then dig the pots a garden. Please do not forget to keep the soil moist.
  • As long as the air is still cool, you should cover the pots in the evening with a glass plate. With strong frost dig them out and put them in a frost-free but cool place.
  • Germination occurs at different rates. You may be short-lived, but you might have to wait a year even with some seeds. So do not be too hasty and throw pots in which nothing happens, not too quickly.
  • The young Magnolia plants are still very sensitive to frost and the following winter, which is why you should keep in pots and bring about the frost into the house.

I wish you success!

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